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youth is wasted on the young

3 month ago, which is the first month of this year, I remember saying "I'm so gonna dress up like an adult this year. I'm not a teenager anymore, I HAVE TO dress up like grown up."
Look where i end up after 3 month. I still love to wear oversized t-shirts (esp. men's), dirty converse high top, and i dyed my hair blue (i think this is the biggest reason I can't look like a grown-up.)
I think i will never grow up....


CROOKS&CASTLES - Primo Raglan White & Red Baseball Tee Shirt 
(I bought XL and cut it to a crop top)

FOREVER 21 - Black Perforated Dolphin Shorts

FOREVER 21 - sunglasses

MINT - Anaconda strapbacks (black)

OLD NAVY - XXL red t-shirts

CONVERSE - Chuck Taylor Classic Colours (red) 

NO BRAND - Cross earring 

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