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Dark Horse

In this look:
Black Dress: UNIF (similar here)
Hat: Bikini Village (similar here)
Boots: HK Shaka

As you see, today I'm wearing all-black as usual, just  a little bit sexier. Why? The hollow-out! The hollow-out lace always gives the effect of mystery.  Even it's a hat. This hat I got from Bikini Village(random, I know) are amazing with the dress. It will be too heavy if I wore something solid without the hollow. When you wear something with hollow, make sure you keep the whole outfit united, i.e, keep everything hazy and (kinda)see-through. 

I don't like wearing dresses, I mean seriously, I don't wear dresses. If you see me in a dress, I'll be either a. shooting for blog, or b. something big to me is happening. So, when I say I'm in love with all the dresses from For Love and Lemons, I even surprised myself. (This is not one of those advertising posts where I get paid by saying I love it, but I won't be offended if they find out and decide to pay me.:) ) Their dresses are so well-made and tailored to perfection to show the beauty of female's figure. Most of them are cut-out, even partially transparent. It is such a bonus to the already-flowy dresses. Also I love how they name each dress a beautiful name, this is my philosophy for apparel too if one day I make my own clothes: every design has live, it breathes and speaks in its way. Here they are:

{San Marcos $200-250}

{Lulu, $160-210}

{Bonita, $190}

{Antigua, $220-280}

{Buenas Noches, $202}

{Swan Lake, $150}

{Scarlet, $207}

{Eternal Love, $224}

{Vienna, $204}


  1. You're such an inspiration, as always!

  2. I'm crazy about this look. Not only that it is black but this hat and cape are insane, especially worn with those boots.

  3. Cape! Capes are so awesome! I love the way this one looks on you.