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Lazy leather

Dva says I look good in patterns and colors, but i can't help myself falling in love with black—especially  black faux leather. I personally doesn't like to wear real leather or fur, but i love the texture of it.
Well, this one is hard to call it a faux's super light and comfy.
Everyone has the Cozy sweatpants that you want to wear it everywhere but not everyone has the one that you can actually wear it outside (unless you don't give a f--k about how you look)
Well, this one you can totally wear it out without hoping not to run into anyone (esp. exes).
Just one thing : carefully select your top... It could look like sauna suit..... do not want this.

In This Look 

Turtle neck crop top : Random brand
Leather joggers : Forever21
Shoes : Pinx clothing


  1. Love the look of leather joggers! I don't know if I'd be able to pull them off on myself, but they look fantastic on you!

    1. Thank you raissa! i am so sure you can pull this off so well ;)
      Thanks for visiting us !