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Dark says it all

In this look:
Sleeveless Top: Izzue (similar asymmetric one click here)
Vest: Random Brand (similar Zara vest here)
Jacket: Vintage(bought it from thrift store and removed the shoulder pads! And similar one that I really love from KTZ, check here)

Leather Pants: Topshop (similar here)
Shoes: HK Shaka

Long Sleeveless Gloves: Mali Studio (similar leather ones here)

We have been lazy for quite a while( and can't entirely blame it on weather), but since the temperature tends to go above zero these days, we do what Canadian does: go out like it's summer time! This time we had the photo-shoot in the Distillery District in Toronto, which is a sight-seeing/ independent-designer-gathering/bar&vegan&cafe kinda place. Taking advantage of its European town style, it was quite a pleasant shoot.

Now what do I have to say about this look? As usual, I'm in black and wearing funny accessories, and these gloves from Mali Studio are my newly favorites! One of the gems I collected in the past recent trip to China. I had been searching for the right gloves for months and couldn't find any piece that I like, and these poped into my eyes as they are exactly what I was looking for. I got them in used status since they were out of stock two years ago. Talking about used goods, our opinion is: Love it! Like this oversized jacket I wear is from a thrift store, a bit bulky but great quality when I found them, after removing the shoulder pad by myself, they became my dream jacket. Used goods are sometime the lost gems, keep a good eye and you will find something that's greatly beyond its price value. 

Thank you for reading and please forgive us for being slow in updating, we'll for sure nag more as the temperature rising now, good day.


  1. Very nice outfit :)
    Cool pics

  2. This look is pretty perfect. The asymmetrical cuts and drapey fabrics are very reminiscent of Comme des Garçons.