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The Good Youth

In this look:
Dolman Sleeve Button-Up Shirt: Y's by Yohji Yamamoto (an awesome but pricy similar piece here)

Mens Skirt Pants: Random Brand(similar here)
Boots: Path Finder (similar here)

Sun-glasses: Zara (similar here)
Phone Purse: Topshop(similar here)

Mens skirt pants, yes, this is the trend and it's a fabulous trend. Having a proportion problem? Gained a bit waist fat after holidays? Skirt pants is the solution. It covers up every bit of your hips and thigh, no matter what flaw is going on down there. Where to find them? Rick Owens has it, Gareth Pugh has it, Julius has it, DGNAK has it, Junn J has it... need I say more? 

On the top I have Y's by Yohji Yamamoto shirt which is a new favorite, also an excellent piece in concealing body shape flaws.  Y's is women's diffusion label under Yohji Yamamoto, simply designed and great for wearing.

One last thing I would love to mention is the phone purse from topshop. Although I never used it for phone(got a samsung and you all know the size), it is handy when using it as a cigarette purse! Got it in all black and this color, go well with button-up shirt!



  1. I feel so positive about this!

  2. Super cool! I'm totally following you!