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Sheer White

In this look:
Everything Zara(except accessories)

Lately I've been back to China, and unfortunately the blogger site is restricted in mainland China, and my update relies on the unstable vpn, that's why it has been rare and extremely simplified. Like in my last post I was only able to type in "yay it's chinese newyear" before the signal bar turned to weak. Anyways, I feel safe and talkative now that I'm sitting in a starbucks and stealing public resources to finish this post from before I left.

All-black fetish as I am, I developed an all-white-obsession from late 2013. Realizing it could be as well chic as  black, it is even more fun to play with. It pops out any accessories you wear, and it makes your presence anywhere anytime. The accessories I recommend that go with white are the golden/silver ones and the thinner ones. Chunky accessories would lessen the beauty of simplicity that comes naturally in white, and metallochrome just adds the vitalness it needs.

The jacket I wore is from Zara, classically minimalist style, it is close to the one from Eudon Choi 2010 collection which I'm madly in love with, original is shown below:

I am so inspired by this simple chic look and decided to do a less feminine version of it, hopefully it makes sense to some of you :)

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