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[D.I.Y] Belt 2 Choker

There are few things that I always wanted but end up never getting one.
Dr.Martin boots, T.U.K creepers, Tight leather rider's jacket, and a choker.
I've tried to find on for long time, but it was either way too extreme (like super hardcore choker that screams "I'M GONNA FKING KILL YOU AND KILL MYSELF CUS I HATE THE WORLD " by their design) or nice but hard to get... for me, buying it online and waiting for it to ship it to me is such a torture. I don't have patient for it.. And, All I wanted was just simple white faux leather choker. Try to find one. It's not easy.
So I decided to make one from a skinny belt!

Before I start, I want to let you know that only reason I bought this belt is to make the choker.
I got this belt in Urban behaviour ...or Urban Planet kind of cheap cheap ass clothing store.
it was buy 1 get 2 free, so I got 3 of it : One for the black choker, one for the white choker, and one for actually to use it as belt. Cost? $5 for all three. So I think it would be a good idea for you to buy one for this project rather than ruining your nice belt ;)

  1. Put the belt around your neck, and measure how much you want to cut it out. Think wise tho. Don't make it too tight. Mark where you want to cut.
  2. And obviously i would cut it tilted. Well, it's okay. 
  3. cut the edge more rounder to make the shape look nice. I also used heat (which means lighter) to make the edge smoother.  You might notice the color of the edge would be different. if you are okay with it, leave it as it is, or if you find it annoying as I did, paint it to match the color.
  4. use a nail to punch a hole. If you wish you can make 3-4 holes just in case ( you never know when you gonna gain weight... just saying)  


If you have any question, just leave a comment below.
May craft be with you!