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The Great Nicolas Andreas Taralis!I

"Born in Toronto, Nicolas Andreas Taralis went to study at Parsons School of Design in New York, whereafter he in 2004 launched his personal label in own name. Limiteing his color palette, and stripping each piece down to the essential is the trademark of Taralis. Instead of focusing on an abundance of colors or trends, Taralis focuses on silhouettes, volume and details such as the quality of a single stitch. To Taralis, tailoring is the ultimate indulgence. Structure and form has always been important to him and tailoring is the perfect medium to explore it. While others opt for cheaper and easier methods, Taralis has a fetish for keeping true hand-tailoring alive in all of his collections." (via ANTONIOLI)

Collection from 2013(via STYLE.COM)

After the Complex Geometries(I'll come back to this), I found another Canada-based gem that I'm absolutely IN LOVE WITH. Just the idea of us (had been) living in the same city made me thrilled. The tailor and design of Taralis's are overwhelming, especially after 2011, his design became more neat and precise. I love the way he merge hard and soft structures in same piece, and reveal the simpleness from the complexness. He is definitely my new love, and I hope you like him too!

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