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In this Quiet Night

In this look:

Long Sleeve Crop T-Shirt: Random Brands(similar here)
Long Wool Coat: H&M(similar here)

Long Pencil Skirt: H&M
Wedge Ankle Boots: Random Brands(similar here)

Oversize Clutch: Random Brands(similar here)

As most of you may have heard, Toronto had a once-in-ten-year icestorm few days ago, resulting electricity off in many households and many other car accidents too. The city is now frozen, everything outdoor is wrapped with an ice coat. This is a tragedy, especially at this time of the year. At this moment, I just wish everyone has a warm shelter and food to share with family, and for those like me who are lucky enough to have power, my advice is treasure the fortunate brightness and the valuable ones around you. 

Although to the city this storm was a nightmare, it did leave some amazing scenes that almost seems unreal to the streets and the woods. Many people went outside to take picture to memorize these rare scenes these days, and so did we. Taking advantage of the icy background, we shoot this outfit that I always want to put on. The pencil skirt I bought couple months ago from H&M, but never had the chance to put it on. Well, this is an awkward length for Canada's winter days, plus there's not really many occasions for this. But after I got the crop top, I found them are the perfect suit. This look is formal but yet modern, perfect for semi-formal events. 

At the end, just want to say merry christmas to you all and hope you all enjoy tonight.


  1. My first time in your blog, found you via cookbook. Great look and love this hair colour.
    Merry xmas

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL ♥ It's so magical!


  3. just found you via your comment on melissa's blog and I'm glad I did. this is beautiful.

  4. omg that ice storm was the worst! I was without electricity for 3 days, no electricity means no heating so on the third day i was freezing my arse off. What was really sad about the ice storm is that all (well most) of the ice that coated everything had started to melt off the next day. Other than that it was so beautiful and i also decided to go outside and just take a bunch of pictures, I was out there for hours!