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On Mission

In this look:

Tank Top: Uniqlo 
Vest with Hood: Zara Men (similar here)

Harem Trousers: Element (similar here, alot can be found here)
Ankle Boots: Cabara (similar here)

I know, this outfit is not exactly inspiring for the weather. But you can always pair it with a structural jacket or Canada Goose, according to where you are from, just use some imagination. The hooded vest from Zara men is an amazing piece; I'm surprised at what Zara can do recent two yeas. While the Zara Women maintain the queen of minimalist style, Zara Men also flourishes emerging the high-end dark elements. This vest, for example, is almost like it belongs to Julius or Ann Demeulemeester.

Like I said, I often switch style between men and women, this has became the philosophy of mine. This androgynism gives me power and balance in this two ends.


  1. ive never thought to look through zara men but have often stolen some things from my brothers wardrobe lol.