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[D.I.Y] Stitch thread Hairband for Craft beginner!

  • Cross stitch threads
  • Ponytail holder 

  1. Fold the thread until you get Min. 8 lines like the picture above. (1)  the folded length should be around 95-100 cm.
  2. Tape one end of the tread and twist it tightly to one direction.
  3. When you finish twisting the thread, place the ponytail holder to the middle of the thread as the picture above.  (DO NOT let the thread go yet! Hold it tight!)
  4. Fold the thread. In this step, you will have the end taped, and ponytail holder at another end. Let the ponytail holder go. Then you will see the folded thread twisting itself as the picture above (4). 
  5. In this step, you should have the same shape. Notice that I taped the ends together. If you haven't tape the ends together, don't let it go yet. If you do, you have to twist the thread from beginning.... which made me feel so stupid (Yes, I dropped it and had to do it again...)
  6. Tie the taped end to ponytail holder. I used similar colour thread to tie it, but you can use anyway you want.
  7. Repeat the steps if you wish to have more ropes. I got lazy so I stopped after making grey one. But if you have time (and patient) you can have as many ropes as you want.

I found this is so easy to make, and barely cost any. Good thing about this is that it's really REALLY easy to make (I mean, seriously. It's like 100 time easier than making friendship bracelet, right?) and it's so useful. I use it when I'm washing my face, going to the gym, or for bad hair day.  
I hope you really try this at least once! 
Thank you for reading and may craft be with you! :)


  1. Awesome outfit
    just loved the pics
    <3 Good job