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Biker Does Not Exist In December Canada

In this look:
Top: Tasseled Tank Top(F21-similar here) + Leather Vest(TOPSHOP-similar here) + Leather Jacket(GUESS-similar here) +Chunky Fur Coat(Vintage-simiar here)
Bottom: Shiny Pants(F21-similar here) + Boots (D&G-similar here)

Similar Look:

After a long day out today, what we have and only have in mind is to leave the country and DO NOT COME BACK until next June. Summer in Canada is considered luxury good, and winter is just as long as the country was born. That's why as much as I wanted to illustrate the detail in this outfit, we failed to do it in the wild. Biker seriously does not exist in this country this time of the year. 

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