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I Could Pretend Someone Else

In this Look:
Striped Tank Top: random brand(similar here)
Denim Button Up Shirt: Izzue(similar here)
Denim Shorts: Topshop
Above Knee Stockings: H&M
Woolen Long Cardigan: H&M(similar here)
Khaki Suede Ankle Boots: Springs(similar here)

So some of you may have already found out that I'm pretty much a colorless person. Besides my black obsession, I also have this "patternphobia", meaning I try to stay away from prints or logos. Not that I think prints are bad, actually there are plenty of cool patterns out there now, but I have developed the strange feeling that prints just don't belong to me, or the other way around. Anyways, this phobia has accompanied me for the past few years, and it gave me a lot of troubles. First of all, pattern-less items are not easy to find as you think. They are always categorized as "the basics", therefore some brands are not producing such at all. Finding a minimalist sweater in a major mall(in Canada) is like finding a boxer in Victoria Secret or a double fish-o-let in McDonald, i.e., they sometime have it but it's not really their thing. Second, minimalist look is hard to be completed in this country under this weather without the extra layerssss of coats(the subway full of Canada Goose is for legit reasons). Therefore, once in a while I still pretend someone that is not quite like me and dress as above.  But what the h*ll, it's good to not be yourself for one day!

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