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Pearl-Kitty Hairband

I made this hair band out of a hairband I bought from Ardene.. it was 3 for $10 or something.
Of course i bought it without even trying on.
It looked cute before i try , but when I tried on, the Ribbon was on the most awkward place ever.
it looked like i was walking on the street and the ribbon fell on my head from nowhere.
I ended up never wearing it..

Whatever, When you cut the end of it and take off the fabric part,
you will see the plastic hair band and that's what i used.

You can just use the simple hair band you have or buy one (im pretty sure dollar stores carry simple plastic hair band)

I am just too cheap to buy one.

  • Simple plastic hair band
  • slightly-large size clip
  • elastic bands (white color)
  • candle or lighter
  • thick needle

1. Unfold the clip straight.
Make it as straight as you can.
but don't try too hard to make it perfectly straight.
if it's like a picture, that's okay.

2. Thread one Pearl on the middle, and fold the clip like the picture above.
Then fold the clip like a cat ear shape.
I know. by now you will be like 'wtf this looks soo stupid'
but hold on, it will look less stupid at the end.

3. Coil a elastic band around the clip like the picture above.
Make it Tight as possible.

4. bring it right next to the pearl.
This will hold the pearl on the right place.

5. Do same thing on the other side of the pearl.
Now the pearl has no where to escape!! Bahahah!

6. Keep doing this until you get ...

7. THIS!
leave 1-1.5 cm at the ends.
Make two of it.

8-9. heat up the needle for 5-7 seconds and push it in the hair band to make holes.
It will make a hole very easily.
If your hair band is not plastic or heat resistance..... well...............too bad.

10-11. Place the ears on right position, and roll the ends so it doesn't hurt your scalp.

It is not so easy to make this.... it takes time!
It took me like and hour and a half.

But Hey, isn't this so unique??
I think this is not only for grown ups, but for your baby princess, it will be SUPER CUTE!

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