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Minimalist Look #1

Top(inside):Rick Owens
Cardigan: All Saints
Pants: BDG
Jacket: H&M
Clutch: Handmade by individual designer 
Boots: Givenchy

I believe fashion consciousness comes in a developing manner; it's a slow-evolving progress of getting closer to what you really are passionate about and be most confident in. To me, this has came a long way. 

Of course, you had alway admired something at a certain time, and from time to time you had fetish about certain looks or styles. I have that just like everyone does. I remember during teenage years, I found myself interested in the now-so-called hipster style(believe me it wasn't THAT usual back then), and my fashion icon was a Taiwanese fashion blogger who owns an online shop. I was madly in love with her hundreds-of-layout mix&matched look, and was so inspired by her creativity(apparently she once put on stockings as long gloves, and had always maintain a plate liked hair style. ) My fashion consciousness has began its history since then, by imitating her style in a rather ghetto way, I successfully created some boldest looks in history(umm..can't look back at old pictures).

 As I mentioned, this road I walked on was loooong. I was once very failed Vivi girl and never went back to girly style any more, and was at one time obsessed with punk and gothic elements. And now, interestingly, I landed in the furthest opposing style to my Taiwanese icon. I am almost a minimalist now. 

Being a minimalist to me is not rejecting color and detail,  but rather to use structure and textile to express fashion. Well, I did lose my interest in patterns and am fond of pure color(by color I mean 99% black) only, and this has been working surprisingly good on me. Minimal looks are not that easy to pull off as it seem, the trick is on accessories; it is the most important thing to differ one look from another. Believe it or not, when all your items are simple enough, you can emerge any style into a minimalist look.  Adding a  choker or a baseball cap will add huge difference to a minimalist look. Just remember, always keep the items simple!

The similar look to above:

Minimalist Look

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