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Rainy Heart

In this look:
Long T-shirt: Project Social (even better one here
Ripped Cardigan: b+ab (similar here or here)
Grey Long Cardigan: The Triangle (similar and affordable one here or fancy one here)

Loose Pants: m)phosis (similar here)

Suede Shoes: Spring (similar here)
Shopping Bag:  Darkshadow by Rick Owens
Straw Fedora Hat: BCBGMaxazria (similar here)

Photo Credit: Claire Wang

Having an obsession for one-color outfit can be great or bad for you-it means your wardrobe would be divided according to colors which could be very efficient, but meanwhile you may not be able to find prints and patterns for days you want to pop out. Therefore, despite my compulsive will for one color(usually black) h-to-t look, I have added a lot of white and gray over the past one year. Going from one-color to one-tone, that's a progress, and who knows, I might even have print later in my wardrobe.

This outfit is a classic example of Japanese street wear SLASH neutral color theme, the cardigan wrapping around my waist is not for cold weather nor extra protection (smiley face), but an adding up of layer to the mixture of fabrics. I LOVE this kind of overlay of different materials. Highlight will be the fedora hat I recently got from BCBGs, had my eyes on it for couple months and one day when I shop it just decided to go on sale! Got the last one and I'm still experimenting with it, such an unique and cute piece. For those of you who would also like to try out one-tone look, my humble advice would be- separate layers by using different texture of fabric(i.e., cotton on knit etc.) . 

Enough about this one, I'll try update soon because we have been criticized by our beloved friend as the "low-content blog" lol chao