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In this look:
Print Oversized T-shirt: b+ab (similar: Y3, KTZ,  Rick Owens, Missguided
Midi Pencil Skirt: H&M Collection (similar here)
Running Shoes: Nike (similar here)

Wristband: Vans
Leather Bracelet: Hermes

Talking about artistic people, our beloved friend Richard will sure be our favourite artistic guy. So, after talking about art-directing us million times and watching us shoot once, his words finally came into action, and here it is! Nice Sunday afternoon, before the bromantic dinner, Richie helped shooting these great photos for me. Good job!

As grown-ups, we may still experience excitement seeing playground. After all, who doesn't like a big playground with in-ground basketball hoops and hopscotch on the floor? This shoot is done in this big and empty field that we bumped into, and it works fantastically. I love this outfit that merges the supposedly casual t-shirt and the supposedly elegant pencil skirt and somehow makes a suit, the harmony is spot on. A lot of you may already know the trend and the trick, but for those of you who still only wear midi skirt with fedora and blazer jacket, try to have more fun with it by mix and match with sports wear, it would come out much more trendy and sharp. The Valentino clutch bag is something that I have to mention, it goes well pretty much with every style, I can't say how much I love it. Well, that's a wrap for this look, so good night to those who actually have read this through ! 


  1. i like your shirt

  2. Great photos and I love the mix of styles. I totally dig the combination of the t-shirt and the pencil skirt. Love the whole look :D