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Off white

It's been busy week and I'm currently working on D.I.Y project for the next post, so I'm gonna post an outfit from few month ago.

Let's face it, if you wear everything white-white, espacially long dress or skirt, you are basically Gandalf the white. Without super power.  So how can we wear all-white nicely? The answer is in off-white.

There's something about off-white: it's softer, warmer, and easier to match than white.
i don't know if it's only me, but I feel super anxious when I wear pure-white clothes (esp. white pants.. oh god those are the WORST) because I have this jinx : whenever I wear white I drop something or sit on something... One time I wore super super white leggings out (for the first time.of course), and i sat on a piece of chocolate(which i never had....right Dva?). Great way to ruin a day.
And somehow I find off-white easier to take care and feel more comfortable—I guess it's because stain shows less on off-white than white.

Anyway, long-useless-crap-short, if you wanna wear all white, but if you find it not easy, try off-white first. At the end, it's white too, right?

In this look:
Oversize rider jacket - No brand (similar here)
Turtle neck top - Vintage
White skirt - vintage

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