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Oversize is cute.
Crispy shirts is nice
Crop top is great. 
China collar is awesome.
All together ? Amazing. Just amazing.
This minimal design is suitable for so many different looks : casual, minimal, and even sporty look.
When I saw this i bought it without even trying. And I'm still loving it. 
I can see myself wearing this shirts a lot this season.

In this look:
Oversize blazer - Forever21 (Sold out)
Oversize crop shirts - Zara
Black trouser, Hat, Flat shoes - No brand
Backpack - I got it in Winners and I have no idea which brand is. I really want to know.. why would you design a nice bag without a label???


  1. Great minimalistic look! It's surprising that the top is from Forever 21, it's pretty difficult to find basic, simple pieces there.

  2. Gentleman style? :D Either way I love it. I am crazy about this shirt! Right now I have a bunch of outfits I would like to put it together with...