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You're My Wildfire

In this look:
Oversized Jersey T-shirt:  Missguided
Shoes: Jordans
White Snap Back Hat: Puma (similar here)

I'm proposing a series of how I wear all-white, including different styles, like sporty in this post, classy, modern chic and casual chic. All-white style has been the hit trend for past season, and even I could not resist the beauty of wearing all white(and I LOVE black). The clean, calm, yet powerful finish of all-white pops out in any crowd. Some girls might still have the wrong impression of white=looking fat, this is not true any more. Carefully select your fabric and design, and you will look as skinny as you are in other color. 


  1. Fabulous sporty head-to-toe white outfit. I am crazy about those sunglasses. Could you reveal the info about where you bought them?
    I am waiting for more of your white looks!