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Mixing different textures is kinda tricky. It can be really tacky, but it can be very interesting.
Easy (and safe) way to mix different textures without ruining entire look would be using less colour as possible (well obviously you won't mix 5 different colours and 4 different textures...please say you won't). And contrast your texture! Treat it like you are contrast scale of patterns. For example, silk and leather is always interesting. So have fun with textures!

...would be the perfect content for this post but honestly, who the fuck am I to give advice. Just wear whatever and however you want. Don't listen to me. Or anyone. figure it out by yourself. If you think you look cool, you do look cool.   If you think you look shitty, you are right.

god, I hate writing.

In this look:
White faux leather choker : handmade ( tutorial HERE )
Black leather tube top : Nastygal
 Black Trouser : No brand 
White sleeveless blazer : Karmaloop
High heel : Shoecult by Nastygal


  1. That tube top is so cute! It looks great with the white blazer, you mixed textures really well.

  2. Black and white minimalistic combination is something I loooove :)