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[D.I.Y] Elastic Thigh Garter

Have you ever felt like you are missing something when you are wearing shorts or skirt?
Sometimes you just hope there's more details to it but it doesn't go with your stockings or leggings
This elastic thigh garter will add little more fun to your outfit and it's wayyy to easy to make.
  So stop making excuses just make one cos it only takes less than 5 min.

What you need:

elastic band (I bought mine in a fabric store for $1.80/m)
Glue gun (I'm too lazy to sew. so I used a glue gun but you can sew it if you wish)
suspender clips 
scissor (obviously)

  1. Measure your thigh size. Remember, be honest. Don't lie to yourself.
  2. Cut little bit longer than what you measured because we need to glue the ends together. It should to tight enough to stay in place but not to tight or you will see your legs turning blue. Make 2 of it.
  3. Cut another 3inch piece for the suspender clip.
  4. Attach the 3inch elastic to the suspender clip and glue the end.
  5. place the two elastic bands from #2 parallel and glue the #4 in the middle as the picture above.
  6. Glue the both ends as the picture above.


This also can be used as garter for stocking if you put it on upside-down.
You can add design to it as the last picture as you wish, but try to make it simple and easy to put it on because some purple hair idiot bought one from online and never figured out how to wear it LOL *true story*
If you have any question, just leave a comment below.
May craft be with you!

In this look:

Black cardigan: Random brand

White top: Karmaloop

leather crop-top: Nasty Gal

Black enamel heel: Zara


  1. This is so awesome! Do the same rules apply to DIY body harnesses? I've been itching to make one myself since I can't find any that I like online.

    1. Thank you Raissa! and YES i'm sure you can make body harness with this. i'm actually planning to make a body harness for the next project and i haven't decide if i'm going to use elastic band or leather straps. But it will be posted very soon. :)

  2. This is one of the best and most simple tutorials out there for a garter! AND I love your blog, too! :D just curious, what's your nationality? :3 can't wait for more DIY tutorials!

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