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White Branch Hanging rack

Last winter, I was walking on the street in a snowy day and I found this "Good looking branch" in the snow. And of course, the bowerbird inside of me was whispering "Keep it! Keep this awesome branch! Bring it home!" So I carried this branch to my place. (C'mon, I'm sure you have done similar things?)
It was right after moving, so I was middle of decorating my place. And I decide to make hanging rack with this awesome branch! 

  • Well-dried Branch
  • White paint
  • Rope 

  1. I used sandpaper to smooth the branch little bit. Don't sand it too much because we want to keep the rough texture.
  2. Paint the branch with white paint. Let it dry for few hours until it's completely dry.
  3. Hang it with your favourite rope or anything! I wanted to use leather rope, but I used the neon pink rope since I don't have one. Be creative with material! (But don't forget to choose steady one tho. Clothes are heavier than it looks!)

Since it is a branch not a steel pipe, don't hang clothes too much. Heavy winter coats are big no no for this hanging rack.

Have fun and may the craft be with you <3

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Now I'm gonna go around looking for branches lol