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Play With Your Playsuit

In this look:
Playsuit: Missguided
Jacket: Zara(try this)

Over-knee Boots: Gift from a friend (similar to these and these I love)
Clutch:  Rick Owens
Hat: Crowncap (this looks almost the same)

One of the reason why I love fashion is because there are new styles and terms invented all the time. Everytime there is a style coming out that is like never before, it is given a new name and that name stays a fashion vocabulary. Short+skirt? Skort! Shorter jumpsuit? Playsuit! And playsuit in my understanding is really as the name suggests-playful. While it maintains the chicness from jumpsuit, because of its length, it adds cuteness and the cheeky feeling to the outfit. Today, underneath my top there lies a playsuit from Missguided. It almost goes with anything for summer: cardigans, t-shirts, hoodies, scarves, anything! So, be creative, play with your playsuit!


  1. I'm a big fan of black and white outfits and your is simply fabulous. I especially love the top.