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It's the time of the year, when fashionists all gather in the same place, doing the same thing, and in their best effort to wow people--the fashion week!

After every other  fashion week happening in major fashion capital cities, Toronto has awaited its turn to let some original Canadian fashions shine.  Starting from March 17th, for the entire week there were constant runway shows and studio display of Canadian-based designers' work. As two fashion maniac, of course we won't miss such good event. The show we chose to watched this year were Stephan Caras' and Matthew Gallagher's shows. Both shows were great success and we were grateful that we witnessed both of these two designers work and themselves on stage. Stephan Caras's dresses are well-tailored to the max and some fabrics that are used this year are absolutely ground-breaking. The Matthew Gallagher's show, on the other hand, was like a journey to a romantic out-of-space fashion world; I was surprising how he played with draping, frills, pleats, and plisse in such a graceful manner.

More about the designers and the shows we watch will be posted shortly followed by Das's outfit show. Now what I intend to illustrate is my outfit chosen for the day. To keep the usual simple chic style, I chose the classic black as the base(and frankly I don't really have that much of color in my closet anyways), and to avoid being boring and textbook, I added some light accessories as the lighten-up. The scarf I used as belt gives the just enough amount of highlight without taking away the simpleness. This is a good trick to use for monochrome dresses, tight a scarf(better be silky) and you get a new dress! I did not have my hair shown because I feel like the purple hair may kill the look :) 

Going to fashion week made me realize how many people are enjoying fashion in this city, despite the brutal weather we share. I would definitely go again and again every year, and hopefully together we will all make Canada a better place for fashion.  


Oh, let's not forget,

in this look:

Black Dress: Zara
Cape: H&M for Paris Runway
Pouch: Kate Spade