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Black Candy

In This Look:
Long Blazer Jacket: Mali Studios(similar here)
White Shell Top: Izzue(similar here)
Leather Pants: Topshop
Scarf: Topshop
Purse: Rick Owens
Leather Bracelet: Hermes

I like to pair outfits with different hair styles; light or deep, long or short,. In short, I'm a wig person. Wigs give me the chance to change the look in an instance, and I love to stay changed. Afraid of repeating, this has always been my biggest fear. I guess I was always trying to be different, in any way and with anyone, even with myself. Some people are known for their signature look and live with it like uniform, but I would rather look deviated from one look to another. I embrace a category, like black, but reject a fixed image of myself. 

About this outfit, the blazer jacket is bought from Mali Studios, an online store in China which contains a lot of chic stuffs. Leather pants are Topshop Petite, I like it shorter than normal pants so you can even wear it in summer with flat. Hat, boots and sunglasses are vintage items I shopped from second hand store. I am a big fan of vintage stuffs, some people find it annoying somehow to shop among used things, but I find it exciting to select from the pre-owned. These stuffs were once loved so they must be good in some way, and the reason why they ended up in the store must had a story. Anyways, this look is based on minimalist idea, and mixed with some cute stuffs. 

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