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5 Styles In Black

I once read a quote from the famous Hongkong songwriter/fashionist Wyman Wong:" Black is safe but boring." I highly agree with the former but can hardly reach a consensus with the latter. Black indeed is a safe color, it works on most people from wide range of ages and styles. It is the most approchable yet powerful color among all; you can wear black to a casual date, or the most fascinating formal occasion. Black is easy, put it on and you'd feel chic instantly. But just because it is easy, does it mean it is boring? Why give easy to wear a bad credit? Black is hardly boring.  From the most famous little black dress, to the fab black wedding dresses fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker once wore on her big day, from the biker look to the Royal family style, black is anything but boring. 

This blog illustrates five styles I did that are in black from head to toe. Of course, there are countless inspired styles in whole black, the below five is the easiest five styles. And since there are a lot of illustration of how to be pretty in black dresses, I would introduce them in the unisex fashion. 

{The Casual Black}
The trick of looking casual while in whole black, is to shake off the seriousness that comes with this color. Go loose on shape and soft on textile. An asymmetric cardigan paired with harem trousers, with the highlight of a beanie, nothing says more casual than this. Cotton and cashmere are perfect for this look.  Black absorbs lines and details, so make sure to add layers. When you pick the right shapes and fabric, you don't have to put a whole garden of color to look relaxed and fashionable.

{The Chic Black}
Being Chic in black  is the easiest. The key to succeed the edgy look is to add a bit of glam in detail. Sequined top is a good choice, but remember not to go too much, one spark in a look is enough. Suit pants and boots make the look completed, and you can always wear heals if you desire a more feminine finish. I recommend vests and tote bag in this style because it always draw the difference with you and everyone else at your work place. 

{The Sporty Black}
You don't have to look like a candy stick or a mobile rainbow to look young and sporty. If you are in all black but still want to look vital, wear a piece with some colors on the print. I always like to buy my sports wear in black but with a little bit of neon color on. Trust me, the little color will pop out and draw eyes on you the same way when you dress like a color palette. Be careful choosing the shoes, you'll always need a pair of flat leisure boots for your play days.

{The Hipster Black}
What is more street-like than a pair of ripped jeans? And what is more hipster than a fedora? Pair them up! The color black will upgrade the chicness but seize the coolness, try the look with funky sunglasses and a nice shoulder bag. 

{The Rocker Black}
I love being a rocker in black! This look draws attention anywhere you go, concert, festivals, and night clubs too! The basic set is leather pants plus leather cap, not to miss out is the leather vest/jacket. Finish the look by adding some dangerous looking accessories, and your whole black rocker look is done. 

Black is my favorite color. I would like to illustrate its beauty in as many more looks as possible. This five whole black styles tell us the same thing, black is not plain, it provides you the perfect chance to express your style in details. At the end of the post, I would like to use a quote that I like very much that describes black just the way it is:

"Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy-but mysterious. But above all black says this:' I don't bother you-don't bother me."

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